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Star announces Titanic cast

Posted June 2012

The Star Players are proud to announce the cast for their upcoming summer show, Titanic, the Musical on July 27-29 and August 4-6.   David Headings, local high school music director, will once again be at the helm for the Star Theater’s tenth anniversary production of this popular Broadway hit.  Mary Jones will be Heading’s assistant director.

The Prologue begins with the ship’s architect, Thomas Andrews, played by Jim Ruhlen, studying the blueprints of the “perfect” ship and singing “In Every Age.” As the curtain rises on the dockside in Southampton, Officers and Crewmembers, James Massara, Robert Lodge, Dillon Barto, Brandon Hall and Harlon Roby, board the majestic ship to “How Did They Build Titanic?” and “Loading Inventory.”

During the maiden voyage, many characters share their dreams and aspirations.  Barrett, the stoker, played by Colin Bather,  tells about  his hopes for getting away from the coal mines in “Barrett’s Song,” while Murdoch, the first officer, played by Ed Griswold, contemplates his responsibilities in “To Be a Captain.  Kate McGowan, a Third Class passenger played by Hannah Berry, and the other Third Class passengers, Kirk Miller, Lauren Miller and Fiona Bather, yearn for  better lives in “Lady’s Maid.”

The scene changes to the radio room where Barrett is dictating a telegram to his sweetheart back home in “The Proposal.”  The young operator, Harold Bride, played by Reid Barth, ponders the possibilities of the new wireless technology in “The Night Was Alive.”

After the Sunday morning church service the following day, the First Class passengers played by Kevin Barth, Kaila Pollock, John Massara, Denise Clark, Julia Massara, Jayden Kemerly, Rebecca Gierhart, Betsy Gerhart, Amy Erickson, Scott Duress and Larry Gerhart, are treated to a spirited rendition by the ship’s band of “Hymn/Doing the Latest Rag.”  Second class passenger Alice Beane, played by Judy Hall, and Edgar Beane, played by Joe Blue, reveal they want more out of their lives in “I Have Danced.”

The first act closes that same evening as the lookout, Mr. Fleet, played by Dylan Lohr, scans the horizon for potential dangers in “No Moon,” and Mr. Hartley, a ship’s band member, played by Matt Feck, entertains the First Class passengers with the song “Autumn.”

As the second act opens, passengers are awoken from their sleep with “Wake Up, Wake Up,” and Chief Steward Mr, Etches, played by Mike Webb, gives Second Class passengers, Charles Groth and Jenn Ruhlen,  instructions on assembling their lifejackets in “Dressed in Your Pajamas in the Grand Salon.”  Meanwhile, the Third Class passengers and others, Valarie Clintsman, Brooke Shuster, Logan White, Kaitlin Rowe, Hannah Barth, Addystin Lykins, Kelly Bather, Babs Atwell, Anna Massara, Allison Kesler, Angela Massara, Elizabeth DeTray, and Chloe Ulmer struggle to find the exits in “Staircase.”    Women and children are given priority in the lifeboats, but Ida Straus, Kathleen Bathler, refuses to leave her husband Isador Strauss, Ken Bather, in “Still.”   In the radio room Mr. Bride tirelessly sends out SOS messages while Captain Smith, played by Kip Barth, Mr. Andrews, and ship owner Mr. Ismay, played by Jim Kitzler, argue over who is responsible for the impending disaster in “The Blame.”

The people left on the sinking ship after the lifeboats are gone include the Captain, Mr Etches, and Thomas Andrews uttering prayers in “To Be a Captain:Reprise.” After amending the fatally flawed blueprints, they all realize the magnificient Titanic is doomed   in “Mr. Andrew’ Vision.”

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