Babes in Toyland
2011-2012 Season


Babes in Toyland

December 1, 2, 3, 7 p.m.
December 3 & 4, 2 p.m.

Directed by Jan Stoneburner
Music Direction by Alan Lortz and Mallory Guined

Babes in Toyland is produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, IL., music by Victor Herbert, libretto and lyrics adopted by Ruth Perry with Ann Smit and Susan Carle from the original by Glenn MacDonough.

Babes in Toyland
is sponsored by Marion Technical College, The First Citizens National Bank, and The Ohio State University at Marion.


$8 member tickets; $10 general admission

Advance tickets are now on sale! Call 419-294-1411 to reserve your seat, or at the door the evening of each show, while they last.

Show Synopsis

The basic story is about orphans Alan and Jane, the wards of their wicked Uncle Barnaby, who wants to steal their fortune. He arranges for them to be shipwrecked and lost at sea, but somehow they are rescued by gypsies and returned to Contrary Mary's garden. Contrary Mary, believing her beloved Alan is dead, has run away with her brother, Tom-Tom the Piper's son, rather than agree to marry Barnaby.

After a second attempt on their lives in the Spider's Den, Alan and Jane are protected by the Moth Queen.

In Toyland, Contrary Mary, Tom-Tom, Alan and Jane find each other and seek protection from the Master Toymaker, an evil genius who plots with Barnaby to create toys that kill and maim. The demonic possessed dolls kill the Toymaker and Barnaby uses the information to have Alan sentenced to death. Contrary Mary agrees to marry him in exchange for Alan's pardon, but Barnaby marries her, denounces Alan again, and dies, after drinking a wine glass filled with poison meant for Alan.

Tom-Tom reveals that an old law of Toyland permitting marriage between a widow and a condemned man on condition that he supports her and honestly works may save Alan from the gallows and he marries the Widow Barnaby.

Cast of Characters
Mother Goose - Sue Kitzler
Widow Piper - Judy Hall
Contrary Mary - Kaila Pollock
Bo Peep - Lori McGuire
Miss Muffet - Audrey Weaver
Polly - Babs Atwell
Jill - Amy Cox
Red Riding Hood - Adriane Weininger
Tom Tom - Reid Barth
Simple Simon - Doug Sturgeon
Jack - Seth Sprang
Goldilocks - Emily Ruhlen
Lucy Locket - Olivia Barth
Uncle Barnaby -Dennis Clark
Alan - Dillon Barto
Jane - Alayna Miller
Roderigo - Ed Griswold
Gonzorgo - Tom Griffin
Luna - Diane Grossman
Big Spider - Danny Mundy
Ladies in Waiting - Katie Grafmiller, Taylor Dilley, Elizabeth DeTray
Wooden Soldiers - Seth Sprang,   Layne Binkley, Ian Mundy, Tyler Rice
Townspeople - Ally DuBois, Jennifer DuBois, Valarie Clintsman, Danny Mundy, Lici Schindler, Chris Vent

Production Staff
Director - Jan Stoneburner
Vocal Music- Alan Lortz
Pianist - Mallory Guined
Choreographer - Katie Grafmiller
Stage Manager - Sue Kitzler
Stage Crew/Ushers - Ally DuBois, Jennifer DuBois,
Valarie Clintsman, Danny Mundy, Lici Schindler, Chris Vent
Set Design - Jan Stoneburner, Kathy Kimmel, Laura Harrell
Set Construction- Al Stoneburner, Dean Baumann,
Paul Amos, Butch Mundy
Lights/Special Effects - Gary McCreary, Gage Grasz, David Romich
Costumes - Marilyn Bohs, Patty Riedel, Jean Gottfried
Tickets - Jane Hunter, Lynn Gerber, Barb Grasz,
Lisa Hawk, Sheryl Pfeifer

Photo Gallery
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